• <p>Professional Team</p>

    Professional Team

    We have a professional R&D team. 8 excellent engineering team, they have done a good job for RDS, we are proud to have them.

  • <p>Production Quality</p>

    Production Quality

    From materials to finished led fixture will go through dozens of quality tests. advanced equipment.

  • <p>Management System</p>

    Management System

    Operate in strict accordance with ISO 9001 system. Our core are superior materials and production technique.

  • <p>Efficient and Rapid</p>

    Efficient and Rapid

    10 years of production experience, high efficiency, high quality, low cost control, can deliver most orders within 15-25 days

Production Process

We continue to innovate to provide more economical and beautiful LED lights.Try to make the best new manufacturing technology, offer better prices, more innovative designs. so that everyone can enjoy the change and profit that new technology brings.

  • Raw Material Warehouse
    Raw Material Warehouse
  • SMD Patch
    SMD Patch
  • Production Workshop
    Production Workshop
  • Integral Test
    Integral Test
  • Laser Engraving
    Laser Engraving
  • Aging Test
    Aging Test
  • QC Inspection
    QC Inspection
  • Shipment

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